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BURN Method

The philosophy behind BIWM - Burn It With Miha Fitness program…
Contrary to popular belief, you can actually work out less and still have great results.
How? You train smarter. Few years ago, I used to spend many hours in the gym.
I did have results but felt tired and often burned out.
Now in my forties, I work out less but have better results than in my thirties.

How is this possible?
Honestly, my breakthrough came when I started listening to my body and
stopped listening to the wrong messages around me such as:
“No pain, no gain!” or “You need to work out six times per week!”
This is what I did:
I stopped pushing my body to the limits.
I started slowing down and working out less.
I stopped working out mainly in the gym.
I started enjoying more walks and hikes in the nature.
I stopped lifting heavy weights and training often.
I started lifting lighter weights and started TRX training using my body weight.
I stopped working out for an hour or two at the time.
I started working out smartly and efficiently for 20 to 50 minutes max.
I stopped repeating the same type of exercises and sets.
I started designing my own workouts,
creating exercises that engage most of the muscles in the body at the same time.

Fewer Reps
Greater Results
Less Time

This is how you get the BURN in your muscles!!!
This is how Burn It With Miha was born!

The idea behind my fitness program is
creating exercises that solicit most of your muscles at the same time.
You work out less but extremely efficient!
Few reps of combined intense exercises with great results!
The truth is that you do NOT need to spend lots of hours in the gym to get results.
In fact, over training is the main cause of burn out and injuries.

Do you feel tired, frustrated, over trained and see little or no results from your training?
If your answer is YES, try my fitness program Burn It With Miha!
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