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1. TRX Workout - Full body TRX Workout 

2. TRX Strength - Use TRX straps and Dumbbells

3. Balance & Stability - Use TRX straps and BOSU Ball

4. Strength Workout - Use Dumbbells 

5. Pulse Workout - Use TRX and Barre inspired moves 

6. Core Strength - Exercises designed to develop a strong Core and Abs


'This is the first exercise class in my entire life that I actually look forward to going to. I had never tried  TRX before going to Miha's outdoor class and was hooked after my first session. Miha is an excellent instructor giving clear explanations and corrections and she also gives lots of uplifting encouragement. She keeps the class fun and never repeats the same routine which makes each class unique and so much more interesting. She tailors classes to her students abilities and she's also such a joy to be around. After just a couple of classes J really felt results: stronger and more fit.. I have been going to Miha's  classes for about a month now and plan on continuing as long as they are offered!'


"I have been taking TRX classes with Miha in the park and love it!  She is a great teacher, very knowledgeable, works with your fitness level and fun.  I am so happy to have this safe workout!"


"I have been fortunate to have met Miha in my workout world. She has a golden heart! Miha has so much energy that she bring to every class! She is very knowledgeable and compassionate to everyone’s needs. Her classes are amazing and motivating. It is really a worthwhile experience!"


“Mihaela’s coaching style is inclusive and powerful. She is a strong individual- inside and out! I have taken her strength, indoor cycling & TRX classes and she always welcomes her students with her lively personality. She is not only passionate about helping her clients with fitness & nutrition, but she truly cares about people in general, and that is something rare to find these days. I highly recommend Mihaela’s program to anyone who’s looking for a quality coach!”


“Mihaela is one of the best fitness instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Not only does she take the time to make sure you are doing the workout right and are learning it properly, but she also pushes you and makes sure you get the best workout possible. You will not regret working with her!”


"Miha is a highly knowledgeable trainer. She focuses diligently on form and adjusts any exercise to fit an individual's specific level of fitness and physical capabilities. Avoiding injuries and not further exacerbating someone's injuries is of tantamount importance to Miha. She has the ability to balance this understanding while encouraging me to push beyond my physical comfort zone. Miha provides a supportive space for me to grow stronger and inspires me to bring my best self to every workout."


I took a TRX class with Miha this past winter. It was the first class like it I had taken in about 5 years because of health reasons. Miha made succeeding in this class accessible to me. She personalized my interactions with the equipment to fit my level of strength and coordination. She also affirmed all the ways that I have maintained strength and stamina. She was a gentle and firm guide. If you're looking for a class that is full of respect and care for your body AND a solid workout, Miha is that way to go!"


“Mihaela is an awesome trainer. I had the pleasure of taking her TRX classes for over a year and loved every minute of it. She is encouraging, kind and still manages to kick your butt in shape! I can’t wait to train with her again!”


“Miha’s TRX workout is always amazing! She changes the workout every time so you never get bored while still getting a total body burn. So many modifications are provided so you will feel challenged at every level of your fitness journey. During class, Miha constantly motivates you and makes you feel strong and confident in your body!”


“I have had the privilege of training with Mihaela for a few years with spin/cycle and strength training classes. Both are very challenging. Spin classes are fun, upbeat and sometimes incorporate hand weights for upper body. I wish I could get more strength training classes with her. As a former dancer I appreciate the attention to body alignment, flexibility, balance and overall strength. My sessions with her always end with me feeling accomplished and well rounded in my workout. Time well spent.”


“Miha’s TRX classes are a perfect mix of challenge and fun! You are guaranteed to be sore the next day and feel good about it. Miha guides every class with her knowledge, spirit and most importantly, love.”


“Absolutely love Mihaela’s Spin class. She is very positive and a delight to be around! She knows how to motivate us with kindness and brings out inner strength that I never knew I had! Her classes are very engaging and her music selection is wonderful! I always have a great time and live feeling positive and rejuvenated!”


“I’ve been taking Mihaela’s TRX class for quite some time. I really enjoy her classes. Mihaela is an awesome instructor. She is very knowledgeable, fun, caring and always makes sure your form is correct. I love that her classes are challenging. I have gotten a lot stronger. She is amazing!!!”


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